Globalizing Software Development

Globalizing software development

Today's technology makes it easier than ever to collaborate with people no matter where they are located. Companies now have access to high end talent all over the world and are no longer constrained by their location.

People + Process = Quality

Building not only the right team but also equipping them with the right tools and development practices are critical to developing quality software.

Understanding the complexities of technology

Technology changes every day. Cloud, devOps, mobile and web, we are passionate about technology.

The missing piece to your software needs

With extensive experience in all aspects of software development and all current technologies, we can provide you with the skillset you need.

About Us

Infinite Blinker, LLC is focused on providing high quality software development and technology consulting services to small and medium sized businesses. 

Formed in 2013, our goal is to leverage our extensive experience in software development and offshore team management to provide superior quality software development at affordable prices.

We have over 15 years experience managing software development and IT projects which includes working with offshore development teams in Eastern Europe.

As a team, we value honesty, integrity, and transparency and are dedicated to quality. We are passionate about software development and believe in a philosophy of continuous improvement.

People + Process = Quality. We believe the best software comes from a dedicated team of strong individuals who care about what they do. Combine that with a robust development process and you have a formula for success.