Globalizing Software Development

Globalizing software development

Today's technology makes it easier than ever to collaborate with people no matter where they are located. Companies now have access to high end talent all over the world and are no longer constrained by their location.

People + Process = Quality

Building not only the right team but also equipping them with the right tools and development practices are critical to developing quality software.

Understanding the complexities of technology

Technology changes every day. Cloud, devOps, mobile and web, we are passionate about technology.

The missing piece to your software needs

With extensive experience in all aspects of software development and all current technologies, we can provide you with the skillset you need.


Below are some of our trusted development partners in Ukraine.

With a unique blend of real business experience, strong engineering capabilities, international project delivery knowledge, and value chain optimization expertise, Miratech is a reliable provider for mid-sized businesses and large, multinational company divisions. Miratech delivers a customer-centric approach to technology and business process operations, which helps companies overcome funding and resource challenges without compromising service quality.

Vilmate is a Software Development Company located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Focusing on small/medium sized companies and startups, they specialize in custom software development using JavaScript, AngularJS, Python, .NET, Web Design, iOS, and Android. Vilmate works with their clients to provide technology professionals to help them achieve their goals. They listen to their clients, understand their needs and do whatever it takes to build a highly productive technical team at a competitive price.